"Hookers Do It Standing Up" short-listed for Judge's Choice Award, Dublin Fringe

Fringe of the Fringe Award:  "Hooker, P.I."  San Diego International Fringe Fest


Fringe on Fire Award: San Diego Fringe festival

 Edinborough Fringe's BroadwayBaby * * * * REVIEW of Sweet Pang!:
"The frankly phenomenal powerhouse that is Lady Grew whipped the crowd into a frenzy...She deserves to be a massive star, and with this much talent to burn, she surely will be."
- Kilkenny Arts Festival

"Arts reviewing has seldom been such an unqualified pleasure."
- Marc O'Sullivan, Irish Examiner

 "If you are there, you are hers until she is done with you."
    - Andrew Blair, NONE Magazine